Make A True Impact
& Eliminate Plastic Waste

Seeking to evoke and inspire “green thought” Astro has taken action to help transform the way hotels dispose of their plastic waste such as used toiletry bottles and tubes.


The Hotel WEKA is the go-to end-to-end recycling solution that is helping hoteliers throughout New Zealand reduce their environmental impact while delivering a Superior Guest Experience, Made Easy.

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make a true environmental impact. 

making a difference. one piece at a time.

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New Zealand is known as the seabird capital of the world and is also home to a number of forest birds that live nowhere else on Earth. With no land predators, except for birds of prey, birds in New Zealand evolved into a mix of flightless birds and melodic forest birds.​ The Weka is one of New Zealand’s iconic large flightless birds. The numbers are sadly on the decline due to the loss of habitat and human-produced plastic waste, but it doesn't have to stay that way!

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