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Environmental Partnership

Supporting Sustainability Efforts

With 20 years of experience, Astro Hospitality is the premier supply partner and understands the industry like no other. Over this time Astro has evolved into one of New Zealand’s most reputable mid-scale, upscale and luxury hotel guest room specialists.

100% Kiwi owned and operated, Astro’s mission is to deliver sustainable premium guest room supplies that help hotels shift from traditional materials that have been unsustainability sourced to new eco-friendly alternatives. Astro believes that sustainability is a journey, not a destination and is eager to help hotels fight the global battle against waste and carbon emissions.

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making a difference. one piece at a time.

sustainability is a journey, not a destination. 

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Choosing to be sustainably responsible used to be an afterthought for hotels, but now it’s just as important as choosing the right bedding. With hotels continuing to look for key touchpoints to ‘wow’ guests, differentiate themselves and provide a superior experience The Hotel WEKA was created to do just that.

Seeking to make a meaningful impact and create a sustainable future this end-to-end recycling program stops used hotel toiletries such as plastic bottles and tubes from going into the sea and landfills.


The recycled plastic is remoulded by Castle and Q-Pod to create concrete floors and concrete paths across New Zealand. This partnership not only helps save the planet but also enhances your environmentally conscious guest experience.

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